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Scandinavian Sunrise Skillet


About the Dish:

Pyttipanna is a traditional Swedish dish made from leftover meat, potatoes, and onions. The name pyttipanna roughly translates to small pieces in a pan, which accurately describes the dish. It is a popular comfort food in Sweden and is typically served with fried eggs and pickles.

Nutrition Information:

Nutrient Amount
Total Fat 10g
Saturated Fat 3g
Trans Fat 0g
Cholesterol 30mg
Sodium 800mg
Total Carbohydrates 30g
Dietary Fiber 4g
Sugars 3g
Protein 15g


Ingredient Quantity
Cooked meat (such as beef or pork) 1 cup
Potatoes 2 cups
Onion 1 medium
Butter 2 tablespoons
Salt To taste
Pepper To taste
Eggs 4
Pickles For serving

Cooking Instructions:

  • Step 1: Start by preparing the ingredients for the pyttipanna. Cut the cooked meat into small, bite-sized pieces. Peel and dice the potatoes into cubes. Finely chop the onion.
  • Step 2: Heat a large frying pan or skillet over medium heat. Add the butter and let it melt. Once the butter is melted, add the chopped onion and sauté until it turns translucent and slightly golden.
  • Step 3: Add the diced potatoes to the pan and season with salt and pepper. Cook for about 10-15 minutes, stirring occasionally, until the potatoes are golden and crispy.
  • Step 4: Push the potatoes and onions to one side of the pan and add the diced meat to the empty side. Cook for a few minutes until the meat is heated through.
  • Step 5: Stir everything together in the pan and let it cook for another 5 minutes, allowing the flavors to combine. Taste and adjust the seasoning if necessary.
  • Step 6: In a separate frying pan, fry the eggs sunny-side up or according to your preference.
  • Step 7: Serve the pyttipanna hot, topped with the fried eggs. Garnish with pickles on the side for added flavor.

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