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Onion Bliss: A Savory Delight – French Onion Soup Recipe

About french onion soupp

French onion soup is a classic French dish that has gained popularity worldwide. It is a savory soup made with caramelized onions, beef broth, and typically topped with a slice of toasted bread and melted cheese. This soup is known for its rich, deep flavors and comforting nature.

The origins of French onion soup can be traced back to ancient Rome, where onions were commonly used in cooking. However, it was in France that the soup became popularized. Onions were abundant and inexpensive in France, making them a staple ingredient for many dishes. The soup gained popularity in the 18th century when King Louis XV tasted it at a peasant's home and loved it. From then on, French onion soup became a common dish in French households.


Step 1:

  • Slice the onions
  • Melt butter in a large pot over medium heat
  • Add onions and cook until caramelized

Step 2:

  • Sprinkle flour over the caramelized onions and stir well
  • Cook for a few minutes to get rid of the raw flour taste

Step 3:

  • Pour in beef broth and bring to a boil
  • Reduce heat and let simmer for 20-30 minutes

Step 4:

  • Preheat oven to broil
  • Place bread slices on a baking sheet and toast until golden brown

Step 5:

  • Ladle the soup into individual oven-safe bowls
  • Top each bowl with a slice of toasted bread
  • Sprinkle grated cheese over the bread slices

Step 6:

  • Place the bowls on a baking sheet and broil until the cheese melts and bubbles

Step 7:

  • Remove from the oven and let cool for a few minutes
  • Serve hot and enjoy!


Nutrition 100g 1 serving
Calories 45 135
Total Fat 2g 6g
Saturated Fat 1g 3g
Cholesterol 10mg 30mg
Sodium 350mg 1050mg
Total Carbohydrate 6g 18g
Dietary Fiber 1g 3g
Total Sugars 3g 9g
Protein 2g 6g


Ingredients Amounts
Yellow onions 5 cups
Butter 4 tablespoons
Olive oil 2 tablespoons
All-purpose flour 2 tablespoons
Beef broth 6 cups
Red wine 1 cup
Thyme 2 teaspoons
Bay leaves 2
Baguette 1
Gruyère cheese 1 cup
Parmesan cheese 1/2 cup
Salt To taste
Black pepper To taste

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